Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When dealing with reverse-pulse cleaning cartridge dust collectors, there are three major categories to be evaluated when considering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The first major category is obviously related to the amount of energy required to operate the piece of equipment from day-to-day. The second major category is consumables or the items that are replaced from time to time throughout the life of the equipment. The third major category is maintenance and disposal or the time it takes to service the equipment and costs of disposing the consumables. Below is an outline of the above categories and the components that define each of them.

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Energy Category
    • Electrical Cost
      • Premium Efficient Motors
      • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Premium Efficient Motors
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Compressed Air Cost
    • CO2 Emissions Cost
  • Consumables Category
    • Cartridge Replacement Cost
    • Transportation Cost
    • Inventory Cost
  • Maintenance and Disposal Category
    • Labor Cost
    • Disposal Cost
    • Downtime Cost