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Capture Dust From All Types of Blasting:

  • Wheel blasters
  • Air blasters
  • Cabinet blasters
  • Blasting rooms
  • Sandblasting
  • Plastic media blasting
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Peening

Special considerations for:

  • Aluminum blasting
  • Blasting with silica sand

Farr Gold Series® Dust Collectors on Blasting Applications

Blasting is a very diverse market made up of wheel blasters, air blasters, and cabinet blasters. The blasting media also varies widely from sand, steel, plastic, slag and various shot. This section focuses on wheel blasting and large blast rooms. Camfil APC has over 100 Farr Gold Series on these applications and numerous Tenkays.

GS20 on Sand Blast Room Ventilation

GS20 on Sand Blast Room Ventilation

Safety Considerations

When blasting aluminum extra safety precautions must be taken. The collector must be outside with explosion vents, fire retardant cartridges, and a fire suppression system. No ferrous blasting or ferrous materials can be mixed with a dust collector filtering aluminum dust. If any other flammable materials are being blasted, then consult factory for extra safety precautions.

When recirculating air, precautions should be taken to meet all OSHA and government guidelines. In many cases a safety monitoring after filter is required.

Extra caution should be taken when blasting with silica sand to protect workers from air born silica dust.